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I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, relationships struggles, loss of meaning and all forms of trauma.  Because I use a mindfulness and somatic (or body-centered) approach,  the therapy remains engaging and alive, even during difficult junctures in the process.


I am a Jungian Psychoanalyst which means I have particular expertise in looking beyond  the surface layer of symptoms to the underlying roots or patterns that shape our lives and how we interact within ourselves and with others.  This does not require getting bogged down in our histories, but addresses how these often outdated relational templates from the past continue to  drive our thoughts, feelings and actions right now. One way to work with these patterns is through the processing of unconscious material such as impulsive acts, fantasies, creative expression and dreams. Another means of exploring relational dynamics occurs within the present moment in the space between client and psychoanalyst. This connection between the two of us then becomes not only a safe vessel for healing, but a vehicle of change and transformation.


I also offer a sophisticated  form of biofeedback called, "neurofeedback" (the Othmer Method) in which a computer-assisted training  program mirrors back your brain to itself in order to support your central nervous symptom in learning to function with increasing regulation and stability. This innovative technology and technique for "exercising" the brain can be used during a specific passage in therapy, for example when you are having trouble sleeping or are experiencing tension headaches, or can be used throughout the course of our work together. Neurofeedback, whether as the primary mode, or as an ancillary means of treatment, especially when used within the context of the therapeutic relationship/alliance, can yield profound results.

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