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Experiential Dream Group: 8 Weeks onThursdays, Spring 2018*


Lisa brings over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist and group leader...

Her additional study in movement meditation, expressive arts, and body-centered therapy combined with her extensive training in dream analysis and interpretation, will converge to make this a dynamic, playful, supportive and transformative experience for all. 


  Here's what one group participant had to say: "I consider your workshop one of the major paradigm shifts in my life. The weekend was so powerful for me, it has taken me until now to assimilate/internalize what happened. Your academic expertise of Jung's philosophy and teachings makes for a deep base of experiences and knowledge you use in the process and unfolding during the workshop itself. I discovered in myself a way of seeing my shadow [parts] which allowed me to begin to see myself as whole. I was able to step past my personality to the spiritual/essence of me...I would not have been able to be where I am now without your teaching(s)."

Fees and Enrollment

Cost is $50.00 per groups; group members will be responsible for payment of all 8 sessions, regardless of their attendance. Group members will be asked to meet individually with Lisa for a 30-minutes consultation (at no charge) to ensure a good match among group members and the group leader, and to build a harmonious group as a whole. Please feel free to call Lisa with any questions @ (805) 400-7735.

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(805) 400-7735